Brief Information

The Division of Buildings and Grounds is responsible for the ground maintenance, nursery, and outdoor construction at MSU. The Division is also in charge of the University campus area of 208 hectares at Khamriang Campus and 54.72 hectares at the Old Campus. The Division serves matters related to buildings and grounds within the University as well as facilitates the University faculties and units with utilities under good management.


The Division of Buildings and Grounds is committed to work with a sense of moral commitment to good service and benefit.


The Division of Buildings and Grounds provides building and ground services to support the University’s activities with prompt, accuracy, and developing working system.


The Division of Buildings and Grounds’ mission includes servicing matters related to the University’s environmental management system, ceremonies which take place within the University’s buildings and area, public utilities, classrooms with more than 80 seats, building design and security system.


The Division of Buildings and Grounds is comprised of the following sections:

1. Public Utilities and Renovation Services Section

Water Supply System Unit Unit

Electrical Systems Unit

General Services and Renovations Unit

Housekeepers Unit

2. Landscape and Environmental Management Section

Landscape Unit

Environmental Management Unit

3. Master Plan and Building System Section

Building Design Unit

Land and Building Information Survey Unit

Buildings and Structures Control, Inspection, and Analysis Unit

Master Planning Unit

The Division of Buildings and Grounds is also responsible for the following individual units:

Security Unit

Mechanic Renovations and Maintenances Unit

Audio Virtual Renovations Unit

Rubbish and Wastes Management Unit

Centre for Building Coordination (Old Campus)

General Administration Unit



- On March 27th, 2511 College of Education, University officials have been working janitor care.
General cleanliness on campus There is overseen by professors.

- Year 2512 was to add more staff and equipment in the building for storage.
Work on the "factory".


- 2517, all workers are divided into groups within the university is the workman.
Among the major factory buildings and clean up the kitchen.


- 2522 was a year of building work at its inception, the agency official.


- Year 2548 approved the establishment of a pile premises. Office of University Presidents
Maha Sarakham